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About Pro-dress

At Pro-dress, you have the option to select your specific industry, enabling you to browse through workwear tailored for trades & industry, office & administration, gastronomy & restaurant, or for care & clinics. This makes it easy to find the right clothes for your job. 

The clothing selection is comprehensive, providing you with everything you need, whether it's for indoor or outdoor use. We source from well-known brands that are renowned for quality, functionality, and stylish designs. You can choose all your favorites from a single brand or mix and match from multiple brands.

Workwear and promotional wear for many professions

Whether you are a craftsman, office assistant, salesperson, chef, waiter, nurse, or something else entirely, you can find the ideal workwear here. This can range from jackets, trousers, sweaters, T-shirts, polo shirts, overalls, coveralls, shorts, shirts, vests, rainwear, thermal underwear, footwear, to a wide range of accessories suited to your industry. 

If you have a role that requires a professional appearance, you might need a smart shirt, a pair of chinos, or a quilted jacket — these are all elements of what we refer to as promotional clothing.

Shoes, boots, and sandals for work

Being dressed from head to toe also means having the right footwear. At Pro-dress, you’ll find safety shoes and safety boots that protect your feet effectively. Additionally, we offer footwear suitable for care and clinic settings, available with or without safety features. 

Sportswear, leisure wear, and footwear

Are you into hunting, outdoor activities, golf, running, or cycling? Then take a look at our range of leisure wear and footwear — and remember to explore our casual clothing too. You definitely perform better if your clothing and footwear are suited to the activity you engage in. 

Branded clothing

Custom apparel, bags, and caps with your logo are a simple yet effective way to increase brand visibility. At Pro-dress, we offer printing and embroidery services for businesses and are here to assist you throughout the entire process.

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