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Lightweight safety shoes with BOA® - the shortcut to a comfortable workday

How do you choose the right shoes for work? Read here what to look for when buying safety shoes. You can also get good advice on how to increase the comfort of your work shoes and extend their lifespan.

Lightweight safety shoes

Are your feet heavy and sore when you finish work? Perhaps it's time to switch to a lighter pair of shoes.

The weight of the shoes depends on the choice of materials. Metal-free safety shoes are lighter because the toe cap and the protective midsole are made from fiber, composite, or fiberglass instead of metal. These materials offer protection that is just as good as steel and aluminum. When shopping for safety footwear at Pro-dress, you can use filters to display only lightweight safety shoes with toe caps or anti-penetration soles made of fiber, composite, fiberglass, or plastic.

If the shoes are made of textile, they are lighter than traditional safety shoes. Soft safety shoes made of textile without metal also effectively regulate heat and cold.

Shock-absorbing safety shoes protect your back and legs

Shock from the ground strains your feet, knees, hips, and back. Therefore, it's important to have a pair of shock-absorbing safety shoes that absorb the shocks that occur when walking or standing still. The good thing is that you don't have to think about it when shopping at Pro-dress. We only sell safety footwear in safety classes S1-S7, all with shock absorption in the heel area. Are you curious about what the different safety classes mean? Read more about it in the article "Guide to safety footwear".

Choose the right fit

When ordering safety shoes, it's important to choose the right fit. Your shoes should fit snugly around the foot without being tight in width. In other words, they should fit properly on your feet, but they should not squeeze your toes or other areas.

At Pro-dress, you can filter by narrow, regular, wide, and extra wide fits. This way, it is easier to find safety shoes that fit your feet perfectly.

Smart closure mechanisms

Are you tired of having to tie shoelaces several times a day because they come loose? Then a pair of safety shoes without laces might be for you. There are several different types of closures that make it easy to put on and take off your shoes.

Boa® Fit System

The BOA® Fit System consists of a micro-adjustable dial and a strong wire. Press down the dial, then turn it clockwise to tighten the wire until you achieve the right fit.

The wire remains in the same position until you loosen it again. This is done by lifting the dial. Safety shoes with BOA® closure therefore do not loosen by themselves. This means that they fit just as securely at the end of the workday as they did at the beginning.

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Airtox Pro Smart Lacing

The Airtox Pro Smart Lacing closure consists of a micro-adjustable dial and a strong wire. The dial is attached with a small metal screw in the center. When you turn it clockwise, the wire tightens until you achieve the desired fit. The wire is loosened again by lifting the dial. The Airtox Pro Smart Lacing closure ensures that the shoes stay securely on your feet all day without loosening.

Airtox Pro Smart Lacing

Safety shoes with velcro

Velcro closure makes it easy for you to adjust the shoes during the day if they come loose or if your feet swell. Especially welders can benefit from safety shoes with Velcro closure because there are no laces that can melt when in contact with sparks.

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Slip-on safety shoes

With a slip-on design, you can quickly put your shoes on and take them off. If you work in a kitchen or clinic, a pair of slip-on work shoes may be advantageous, as the smooth upper is easy to clean if you spill something.

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Lifetime warranty on BOA® closure

If you should be unlucky enough for the BOA® wire to break, or for the dial to become defective, you can repair the closure system and thus extend the lifespan of your shoes.

If you have purchased safety shoes with BOA® closure from Pro-dress, you can receive a repair kit if the closure mechanism breaks. Please contact us at and explain the problem.

Tips and tricks for your safety shoes

It's a good idea to have two pairs of safety shoes to switch between. When you've worn a pair of shoes for a whole workday, it's unavoidable that your feet have released moisture. Therefore, you should let the safety shoes dry completely before putting them on again. This minimizes the risk of unpleasant bacteria in the shoes. This helps to extend the lifespan of your footwear.

Are your feet very sweaty? Look for safety shoes with washable insoles so you have the option to refresh them with a wash. Alternatively, you can order new insoles.

Do you need help?

We hope that it's now easier for you to choose and maintain the right safety footwear for your needs. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our customer service here.