Care & clinic

At you will find clothing designed for care and clinical work. Clothes may be for nurses or doctors, veterinarians, chiropodists, or for those who care for the elderly or disabled

Comfortable clothing for care and clinic 

The selection of clothes for clinics and the care sector includes jackets, trousers, jumpers, T-shirts, smocks and tunics, shirts, waistcoats, lab coats, accessories and footwear. The clothes must be flexible and generous, to allow freedom of movement, so you can lift or move patients when necessary. For reasons of hygiene the clothes must withstand frequent washing at high temperatures, which you can rely on when you choose clothes for the care and clinic sector. 

White is not the only colour - clothes are also available in black, blue, marine, grey, red, green and several other colours. Thus, you can combine them in line with the clinic’s colours and use clothing to present a particular image. The clinic’s logo or the owner’s name in print or embroidery is often a good way to show patients and others who works there. 

Footwear and accessories for work in clinics and the care sector

In addition to clothes, you can choose shoes, clogs and sandals, which of course are non-slip, so it is safer to walk on slippery and sometimes wet floors. Footwear must be comfortable to wear, so you can manage a whole working day on your feet without strain. 

Then there are accessories, which complete a work outfit. These could be items such as rubber gloves, head coverings, socks, religious head coverings, cloths or other items. 

We have made it easy for you to find the right workwear by categorising the clothing according to sector. This helps you to find the ideal clothes and footwear for work in care and clinic. At the same time, you can shop confidently at Pro-shop for clothes from well-known brands made with quality and durability in mind.