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We take care of people and the environment

At Pro-dress, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility, and we take it seriously. While we can't change the world entirely, we can contribute to making it a better place for our employees, the local community, society, and future generations.

With the vision of being a more sustainable workplace, we have already initiated and implemented numerous measures to reduce our carbon footprint and take social responsibility.

Here, you can read more about what CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) means to us.

Product responsibility

Choosing the right product should be easy from the start, avoiding unnecessary shipping back and forth. Thus, we have close collaborations with our suppliers to offer our customers competent product guidance. Additionally, we carry products from well-known brands, ensuring quality and durability.

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Social responsibility

At Pro-dress, we aim to invest in society, creating value for both individuals and our company. Therefore, we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • We offer internship opportunities to bring unemployed individuals closer to jobs or education.
  • We employ flex workers with tailored tasks.
  • We offer apprenticeships to maintain a diverse workforce in the future. Throughout their apprenticeship, students engage in various tasks, ensuring a versatile education.
  • We sponsor local events to support their organization.
  • We donate sorted-out items to charity.
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A positive working environment

We know that happy employees are the foundation of our company. Therefore, we continuously invest in various initiatives to improve employee satisfaction. These include:

  • A flat company culture, flexible working hours, and ergonomic measures to protect our employees' health and well-being.
  • Diverse tasks in the warehouse, time for exercise in the office, and no work-related emails during spare time.
  • Quality in our work is ensured through continuous evaluation of workflows and processes.
  • Social events across the entire organization.
  • Socializing with colleagues during both morning and lunch breaks, where employees from different departments sit together in the cafeteria.
  • Healthy and varied meals that emphasize local ingredients and minimize food waste.
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As an online store, we continue to work on making our packaging more environmentally friendly. Among current initiatives:

  • Excess cardboard packaging from suppliers is sorted out and sold for recycling to the local company Skjern Paper. The earnings are donated to local scouts.
  • Shipping bags are made from 80% recycled plastic and are often reused when items are returned.
  • Shipping boxes are made from FSC Mix-certified cardboard, and our filler paper is FSC-certified.
  • We offer various sizes of shipping bags and boxes to minimize the amount of packaging per package. This reduces consumption and saves space in the delivery truck.
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Energy supply

Our offices and facilities are located in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality, which has been named Denmark's climate municipality no. 1 for being 83.3% self-sufficient with renewable energy (2020).

Therefore, we also focus on using renewable energy. Examples include:

  • Heating for our buildings is supplied by the local Viftrup Biogas.
  • We have installed LED lighting with motion sensors in almost all premises.
  • Our warehouse robot ensures less space consumption and regenerates power during deceleration.

We see CSR as an ongoing process where we continuously evolve, and it's an area in which we are highly engaged. However, we will never fully reach the goal, as there will always be room for improvement, such as due to new legislation or technology. For us, CSR is about taking responsibility and being honest.

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