Printing & embroidery

Clothing with your logo or company name makes your business visible and contributes to a professional appearance. Additionally, it creates identity and unity among your employees. At Pro-dress, we offer many options for printing and embroidery, ensuring that you get branded clothing that matches your wishes and needs. 

Printed or embroidered logo

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Transfer printing is a method that ensures you get a sharp and durable result. It is produced by printing your design on a special type of foil, which is then applied to the clothing with a heat press machine. 

Transfer printing allows for a high level of detail and is quick to produce. It can be washed at 40°C and is a good choice for workwear used daily. 

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An embroidered logo is extremely durable. It is made with strong polyester thread that retains its color even after being washed at 90°C. 

Embroidery provides an exclusive look, suitable for shirts, knitwear, and vests. Branded clothing with an embroidered logo is therefore the obvious choice for office workers or salespeople. 


At Pro-dress, we have our own plotter, making it possible to produce small prints quickly and affordably. Therefore, we can offer high-quality printing of text and numbers for fast delivery. 

The possibilities for placing the logo depend on the garment. However, you can usually have your logo printed or embroidered anywhere there is no seam. On T-shirts, it is popular to place it on the left chest and back.

You can also have your logo printed on a wide range of bags, hats, and caps. Under 'Specifications' for each product, you can see if it is suitable for printing or embroidery. 

We only offer printing and embroidery for business customers, schools, and associations. Note that a minimum order of 10 pieces is required to get printing or embroidery on the clothing.

The delivery time for clothing with printed or embroidered logos depends on your order, but the indicative delivery times are: 

  • Printing: The order can usually be shipped 5-6 business days after you have approved the offer. 
  • Embroidery: The order can usually be shipped 2-3 business days after you have approved the offer. 

If you wish to order printing or embroidery, please fill out the contact form below. Our business team will then contact you as soon as possible with a non-binding offer. 

Alternatively, you can send an email to with the following information: 

  • Printing or embroidery 
  • Your logo (sent in vector graphics with file format ai, eps, or pdf) 
  • Desired placement 
  • Type + quantity of clothing 

Afterwards, we will contact you with a proposal for review and approval before production begins. We are happy to assist you in getting the logo's format and graphics sorted out. Please have a draft of the design ready, so we can help redraw it if needed. 

Pricing guide

The prices for printing and embroidery depend on the size and placement of the design. Below are startup costs and selected price examples. Note that a minimum order of 10 pieces is required to get printing or embroidery on the clothing.

Price for onecolor print 

  Comment Price excl. VAT
Minimum quantity 10 pcs.  
Start-up cost   25.35 €
Small logo 10x10cm Incl. application 5.00  €
Large logo 30x30cm Incl. application 6.00 €
Total Price 10x10cm Incl. start-up and application 75.35 €
Total Price 30x30cm Incl. start-up and application  85.35 €

Price for one color logo embrodry 

  Comment Price excl. VAT
Minimum quantity 10 pcs.  
Start-up costs at max. 3.000 stitches   95.25 €
Start-up costs at max. 20.000 stitches   147.65  €
Small logo 3.000 stitches   4.65 €
Big logo 20.000 stitches   10.55 €
Total price 3.000 stitches Incl. start-up 141.75 €
Total price 20.000 stitches Incl. start-up 253.15 €

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