Workwear for your sector

If you are looking for workwear for a specific sector, this is where to look. Clothes are listed by sector: Trades & industry, gastronomy & restaurants, care & clinic, and office & administration. When you select clothes by sector, you are sure of professional clothes designed for the job

The perfect workwear for your profession

Selecting clothing for your sector cannot be left to chance. Here is a selection of workwear with the properties and qualities that are crucial for comfort and functionality in use. 

For trades and industry there are work jackets, work trousers, T-shirts, hoodies, socks, belts and many other items that complete an outfit and ensure that it functions well at work. 

For gastronomy and restaurants, you can find chef jackets, chef trousers, T-shirts and serving trousers, shirts and waistcoats. Aprons are often integral parts of a chef’s or waiter's clothing, so they are available either short or long, with or without pockets. 

Clothing for the care and clinic sector may consist of care and clinic jackets, trousers, jumpers, waistcoats, vests, tunics, T-shirts, lab coats and many other items suitable for social and health care assistants, hospital staff, nurses and medical staff. 

In offices and administration, jackets, shirts, trousers, polo shirts and jumpers must be smart and comfortable, to give a good first impression in contact with customers and suppliers. But it must definitely feel comfortable to wear for sitting all day at the office too. 

Choose clothing to suit your sector here at Pro-dress and be properly dressed for the challenges of your working day.