Trades & industry

Here you will find a comprehensive selection of workwear for trades and industry, crafted for durability and designed to meet the functional needs of various trades

Wide range of workwear for trades and industry

There is a comprehensive range of workwear, and several brands offer series with items that match both functionally and colour-wise. This is particularly smart when Hi-Vis clothing is needed with reflectors – here it is important that clothing matches to achieve the same visibility in all items. 

At Pro-dress you can find workwear such as jackets, trousers, jumpers, T-shirts, bib and brace overalls, coveralls, knickers, shorts, shirts, waistcoats, underwear, thermal underwear, coats and footwear. We have workwear from famous brands such as Engel Workwear, Snickers Workwear, Blåkläder, Mascot, Helly Hansen Workwear, Kansas, Fristads, Carhartt and many more. 

Workwear with specific qualities

Welding or using an angle grinder exposes clothes to sparks. Then you should choose clothes made of cotton, because it will not melt on contact with sparks, as clothing made of synthetic fibres will. On the other hand, clothing made of synthetic fibres is highly durable, and can retain its colour, even when it is washed repeatedly.  

Flame-retardant clothing is completely different. It is produced to resist flames, and certified, so you can be sure that it fully meets your requirements or those of your workplace for flame-retardant clothing. 

If you work outdoors on a building site in wind and rain, you need water repellent workwear that at the same time is wind resistant and breathable, so that you do not end up sweating and wet from inside. 

Let your trade be your entry point for finding workwear that is ideal for trades and industry at Pro-dress.