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How do I find the right size?

Do you also find it challenging to navigate sizes and measurements? We're here to help you!

Choosing the right size isn't always easy when ordering clothes online. Size and fit can vary from product to product, and many manufacturers have their own size charts.

Luckily, you're on the right track if you know a few of your body measurements. For an easier and quicker way to find the correct size in the future, you can write down your measurements – this way, you'll only need to get the measuring tape out once.

When you look at a product at Pro-dress, you can usually find an associated size chart, where you can see which size corresponds to your body measurements.

How to measure:

Measure directly on the body and remember that the measuring tape should be held close to the body.

A: Chest width

B: Upper waistline (measured at the narrowest point - usually about 5 cm above the belly button)

C: Lower waistline (measured where you usually wear your pants and jeans)

D: Hip width (measured around the hips at the widest point)

E: Leg length is measured on the inside of your legs (measured on the inside of your legs - from the ankle to the crotch)

Please note that the measurements in the size charts are indicative. They should be seen as a guide to choosing the right size. Fit may vary by brand, product, and personal preference.

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