Gastronomy & restaurants

At Pro-dress we have collected clothing for gastronomy and restaurants, so it is easy to find the right professional clothes

Professional chef’s wear

Chef’s jackets, chef’s trousers and aprons are not simply working clothes; they are part of a chef’s identity. Our selection of workwear has the right qualities to meet the demands of a professional kitchen, where fat stains and splashes from casseroles and pans are all part of the day’s work. At the same time, it is important that the clothes are comfortable, so you can move freely and work efficiently.  

The range of chef's wear comprises chef’s jackets, chef’s trousers, aprons in varying lengths, T-shirts and footwear. When it comes to footwear, it must be suitable for work in a kitchen, with emphasis on non-slip and water-resistant qualities.  

Clothing for the restaurant sector

The staff are the restaurant’s public face. Their clothes must not only signal professionalism but match the restaurant's style and atmosphere as well. In our shop you can find jackets, trousers, shirts, waistcoats and shoes for smart, welcoming restaurant staff, whether it is a formal place to eat in style or a relaxed café. When you choose clothes specifically for the restaurant sector, you ensure that your staff look consistently smart, and feel they are dressed to provide the best service for your guests. 

Pro-dress makes it easy to find workwear for chefs, kitchen staff and waiters. We have both classic and more modern styles, not just in white, but in many different colours too.