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How to choose the right rainwear

Before buying new rainwear, it's important to consider what it will be used for. Working all day in heavy rain is quite different from needing to stay dry during a brief walk. At Pro-dress, you can find details on rainwear's water column pressure and breathability (MVP) while browsing our rainwear selection. But what does that actually mean? Read our rainwear guide below to find out.

What does water column pressure mean for rainwear?

Water column pressure describes how waterproof the rainwear is. The higher the water column pressure, the more waterproof it is. Technically, water column pressure is a measurement of how much water one square centimeter of material can withstand in 24 hours. Therefore, water column pressure is indicated in millimeters.

You can use filters to only display rainwear with a specific water column pressure when shopping at Pro-dress. Select "Technical Specifications" in filter options and choose your preferences.

See our recommendations for water column pressure here:

Water column pressure Typically for use here

Minimum 5,000 - 10,000 mm

Rainwear for everyday use

For daily use

8.000 - 20.000 mm

Rainwear for trades & industry

For work use

Welded or taped seams in rainwear

If you're looking for waterproof rainwear, you should look for welded or taped seams. This is just as important for waterproofing as the choice of material.

Welding and taping are two different methods for achieving waterproof seams. Taped seams mean that the seams are sealed with a waterproof special tape. Welded seams mean that the seams are welded together instead of being sewn.

One method is not necessarily better than the other. Whether the rainwear has taped or welded seams usually depends on the material.

You can use filters to only display rainwear with welded seams or rainwear with taped seams when shopping at Pro-dress. Select "Technical Specifications" in filter options and choose your preferences.

Breathable rainwear - what does MVP mean?

Breathability in rainwear is measured in MVP (Moisture Vapor Permeability). MVP is an indicator of how much moisture can be transported away from the material per square meter in 24 hours. This means that the higher the MVP, the more breathable the rainwear is.

The need for breathability depends on who is wearing the rainwear and what it's used for. If you expect to be very physically active, you should choose rainwear with a high MVP. This allows your body to get rid of moisture and sweat.

On the other hand, if you don't sweat or move much, you can usually get away with a lower MVP. This also applies to small children, who generally do not have as high activity levels as older children and adults.

You can use filters to choose breathability when shopping for rainwear at Pro-dress. Select "Technical Specifications" in filter options and choose your preferred MVP value.

See our recommendations for MVP here:

Breathability MVP Typically for use here

3,000-8,000 MVP

Rainwear for light activity

Light tasks or leisurely walks

8,000 - 10,000 MVP

Rainwear for moderate activity

Regular work and longer bike rides

10,000 MVP and above

Work rainwear for trades & industry

Hard work and high activity for extended periods

Rainwear with membrane

A membrane ensures that the rainwear is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It keeps wind and water out while allowing excess heat and moisture to escape, helping to keep your body dry and at a comfortable temperature.

There are several types of breathable, waterproof membranes, but most work by having microscopic holes that are too small for water to penetrate from the outside but large enough for moisture to escape from the inside. This type is called microporous membranes.

To maintain the membrane's function, the rainwear should not be too dirty, as this can cause it to absorb water, which ruins its breathability. When washing clothes with a membrane, you should also not use fabric softener, as it also reduces breathability. To maintain or reactivate the membrane's functionality, you can purchase Nikwax Tech Wash, a detergent specifically designed for this purpose.

Rainwear for all industries

Do you need rainwear with specific properties? At Pro-dress, we have a wide range of work rainwear for many different professions. If you work in settings like traffic or construction sites, you can find high-visibility rainwear with approved reflectors, a high water column pressure, and excellent breathability. See the selection of rainwear for crafts and industry here

We also offer a wide range of rainwear for sports and leisure, so you're always dressed for the weather.

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